Kickin' It One More Time Between the Hedges

In the Auburn game, Gordon Ely-Kelso became the first Georgia player since 1997 to punt and kick a field goal in the same game. Add that to everything else he has done and the Athens native has one heck of a career. The senior holds all the big punting records at Georgia. He has one more game at Sanford Stadium. How does he feel about that and what are his plans after college.

Dave McMahon -- Last game 'Between the Hedges'... how does that make you feel?

Gordon Ely-Kelso -- It has gone by real fast, but I am ready for a change. You can't be in college forever. I wouldn't have changed anything that has happened except maybe a few more wins and what better way to end it in Athens with a win over Georgia Tech.

DM -- Being from Athens, do you remember your first Georgia game you ever attended at Sanford Stadium?

GEK -- My parents have had season tickets since before I was born. I was real little when I went to my first game. I don't remember which one it was.

DM -- You got to do some placekicking against Auburn, how was that?

GEK -- It was alright. I like doing new things. The only problem was that I was unexperienced at it. I am sure if I had all summer to practice at it, I would be more comfortable at it.

DM -- Did you talk to Brandon Coutu after your field goal?

GEK -- Yeah, we joked about it because I have horrible form.

DM -- You only punted once in that game, but it was a 55-yarder, that must have felt good punting a long one again?

GEK -- It was probably one of my better ones all year.

DM -- What will you remember about your time at Georgia?

GEK -- It sounds cliche, but my time with the team. After a win, being with these guys is great. They are my best friends.

DM -- Any plans after college, maybe the pros?

GEK -- I don't put too much stock in that. There are only a few spots available every year and there are so many great kickers. Basically in the NFL once you are in, then it is really good.

DM -- If no NFL, will you stay in Athens?

GEK -- I may get out for awhile. I love Athens a lot, but I have been here for 24 years now.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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