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Nick Jones is the leader of the offensive line on and off the field. He has been that way since he started playing for Georgia back in 2003. 40 starts later he is lacing them up for his last home game. As the Georgia Tech game nears I talked to the senior from Bowdon about his time playing for the Dawgs.

Dave McMahon -- What are your feelings when you take to field for the last time 'Between the Hedges'?

Nick Jones -- This place meant a lot to me. It went by so quick. It was a good ride.

DM -- Do you remember you first game playing in Athens?

NJ -- It was after Clemson. It was Middle Tennessee State and then South Carolina. Being from a small town, it was a real eye opener. Just to hear the sounds and see the sites was amazing.

DM -- Did you grow up watching the Georgia / Georgia Tech rivalry?

NJ -- Not really. I knew about the game and how big it was, but I played more football than I watched it.

DM -- Earlier in your career, you actually scored a TD against Tech, take us back...

NJ -- It was during my freshman year and I was blocking my guy near the endzone. I blocked him and I was looking for another guy to block. Then I saw David Greene get popped and the ball came out. I just fell on it and it was a touchdown.

DM -- This is not the same Georgia Tech team from back then?

NJ -- They are a lot better. They have always had talent, but they did not put it together as much as they are doing now. They are good.

DM -- You are probably going to be lined up against Joe Anoai... what can you tell me about him?

NJ -- We've been going against each other for a long time. We both played a lot early in our careers. He plays real hard.

DM -- And he comes from a family full of professional wrestlers...

NJ -- Yeah, I heard about that last year.

DM -- Did you watch wrestling growing up?

NJ -- I was a fan of The Undertaker.

DM -- How much bragging rights will you have if you beat Tech?

NJ -- There will be a lot of bragging rights. It will also be a good feeling winning my last game between the hedges.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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