Chat Transcript: Logan Gray

Logan Gray joined in a moderted chat session with DawgPost fans from A big crowd of subscribers asked the questions, and the Georgia verbal commitment took time out of his schedule to talk with the fans.'s Andrew Bone acted as moderator for the chat session.

Logan, did you get to watch the Auburn game?

Andrew Bone: [Logan Gray]: "I did watch the game. I had basketball practice that morning. My mom had the game on and she told me the score. I was surprised and very excited."

How did you senior season end up going?

LG: "My season didn't go as well as I hoped. We went 9-1. It was unfortunate. I threw for around 1,500 yards 18 touchdowns and 5-6 rushing touchdowns as well.

Who is recruiting coach? Your incoming class has a ton of talent. How does that feel as an incoming qb?

LG: "My recruiting coach is coach Bobo. I have a real strong relationship with him, and I like him a lot. I have a strong relationship with coach Richt as well. Definitely feels good and exciting. We haven't accomplished anything yet, but if we come in and work hard we will be able to do some special things there."

Logan, how does your team only lose 1 game and not make the playoffs? Are you trying to help recruit?

LG: "It's really weird in Missouri. Your put in a four team district and whoever wins from that district moves on. The ream we played was the number two team in the state. We lost to them 18-14.It was unfortunate."

LG:"I went down to the Georgia-Tennessee game. I had the chance to speak to guys like Caleb, Eric Berry and Morgan Burnett. I haven't talked to many guys that aren't committed."

What do you think about AJ green in 08? Have you talked to him, seen his highlights?

LG:"I haven't had the chance to talk to him, but I have seen video on him. It's great to get a receiver like him already, and I am glad he is committed to Georgia."

Other than football, what excites you the most about Athens?

LG:"Besides football, I would say the size of Athens. It's about the same as where I live. It's pretty, it's a college town and I am looking forward to going there."

Are you going to try to play basketball at UGA?

LG:"No I am only going to play football. I got recruited to play at smaller schools, but probably not good enough to play at that level."

Logan...what was your last forty time?

LG:"My last 40-time was a 4.56 at the Gainesville Nike Camp. I ran a 4.41 at the school."

When do you and White plan on coming back to uga for a visit?

LG:"I was planning on coming for the Georgia Tech game, but I won't be able to make it. Hopefully, I will be able to make it up before signing day. We'll see how things go."

What do you think are your strengths/weaknesses

LG:"Probably some of my strengths are being able to excel at passing and running. I think I have a good understanding of the game. I am a student of the game. I have to get stronger. I have to keep gaining weight so I will be able to play. I have to start learning everything."

What initially interested you in GA? Was it mostly due to your family's relationship with the school and program?

LG: "That was probably my initial thing. I starting liking them about two years ago."

Logan, when do you plan on arriving on campus?

LG: "I think I will come in the beginning of the summer. Probably the first summer session."

Hey, Logan, tell us about Aron, TE or WR at UGa, what do you think?

LG:"I think he is going to come in as a wide receiver, but I think he is going to be a tight end. He is 225 right now. I think he will get bigger and stronger."

Logan, has a QB ever outrun you at a camp or game?

LG:"I don't think so. At a camp I don't know about that, but never at a game."

Logan, how do you think you performed at the elite 11 and how do you think you measured up with the other guys in attendance?

LG:"I thought I performed really good. I threw the ball really well. I thought there were some good quarterbacks out there. We didn't really get to show us off running the ball, but I thought I did pretty well."

Logan what is your weight and height now. What events will you run in track this spring?

LG: "I'm 6-2, 181-pounds. I am trying to put the weight on. I will run 100m, 4x100, 200m, 4x200, and the long jump."

Logan, have you been able to spend much time with Stafford?

LG: "I hung out with him during my official visit. I like him. He seems like a cool guy."

Logan...did you commit strictly as a QB or athlete?

LG:"Georgia recruited me just as a quarterback. They never talked to me about anything else, and that's what I plan to play at Georgia."

Logan, what is your relationship with Coach Mark Richt like?

LG:"It's pretty good. I haven't talked to him too much during the season because I don't want to bug him during the season. He is a tremendous person."

Can you compare and contrast UGA's recruiting style compared to other schools that recruited especially FL and AU?

LG:"Georgia was laid back. They never pressured me. They told me how great of a school it was. Florida is more agressive. They want to talk a lot. Auburn was even more laid back. They were more like Georgia."

Logan are you out on the recruiting front calling potential recruits, if so who?

LG: "No, I am not calling anyone right now."

Logan who are you looking forward to playing with the most?

LG: "I would probably say some of the commitments like Rennie and Aron. All the offensive lineman that are committed. Really all the commits."

Logan - have you meet Eric Berry? If so - what are your thoughts of him as a WR?

LG:"I had a chance to meet him at Tennessee game. I have heard a lot about him. I think he would be good at wide receiver or db. It would be good to get the ball in his hands to make plays."

Will you be able to watch the Game this weekend on T.V.?

LG: "I'll be able to watch it."

Logan, sorry if this question has been asked, but who do you compare your game to?

LG: "A lot of people say D.J. Shockley. That's a fair comparison, but I still have a ton of work to do. I really like patterning myself after Alex Smith from Utah. I see myself as him."

Stay tuned each week as we bring in the verbal commitments for a Q&A session before national signing day. Plan to join us again next week.

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