Leaving on a High Note

Joe Tereshinski III is what football is about. He is the ultimate team player. He is a 3-generation Bulldog and the other members of his family were the same way. As a quarterback he led the team to wins and with his wisdom he has guided the future quarterbacks to potential greatness. Joe T is a player that will truly be missed.

Dave McMahon -- Last game 'Between the Hedges'...

Joe Tereshinski III -- I am not thinking about that yet, I just want to win.

DM -- Do you remember your first game at Sanford Stadium that you attended?

JT -- I was little. It was one of Greg Talley's last years. The first bowl game I remembered was the Independence Bowl. Eric Zeier was the quarterback.

DM -- Since the game is against Georgia Tech, you want to win this game even more...

JT - I have a lot of hatred toward these guys. My whole family doesn't like them either.

DM -- When are you graduating?

JT -- Decemeber

DM -- What are you planning on doing after graduation?

JT -- Something in risk management.

DM -- Have you thought about coaching?

JT -- No

DM -- How bad do you want to get in this game?

JT -- Just want to win. Courtesy reps don't intrest me.

DM -- How much has Matthew Stafford progressed since day one?

JT -- He has improved dramitically. He is not a freshman anymore.

DM -- This is a much improved Georgia Tech team, too...

JT -- This is a great team. They play so well together. This rivalry fuels them up even more.

DM -- You have a chance to be part of a Georgia class that hasn't lost to Georgia Tech, that is special...

JT -- Yes that is what I want.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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