A Last Hurrah

On Saturday, Ray Gant played in his last game at Sanford Stadium. Like always his name won't be on top of many stat sheets, but he causes havoc on almost every play. He did officially have a half sack on Reggie Ball as the defense held Georgia Tech to just 188 total yards. After the game I talked to the defensive tackle.

Dave McMahon -- A couple games this season, the defense did not finish the drill, this game they finished the drill...

Ray Gant -- We sure did. That has been our motto. We normally do finish the drill, but this has been a tough season. But I wanted to win for all the seniors and the rest of the team.

DM -- Was the key just getting pressure on Reggie Ball?

RG -- That was it the whole game. The quarterback controls everything and we wanted to control the quarterback.

DM -- Must be great not losing at all to Georgia Tech...

RG -- It is great. I don't feel sorry for them. I bet Florida doesn't feel bad for us. I don't feel bad for Tech.

DM -- Talk about Tony Taylor's fumble recovery...

RG -- He justed ripped the ball and ran. I did not what in the world was going on. I didn't know the play was still going on. He just stole the ball.

DM -- Does it look like the Peach Bowl for Georgia?

RG -- Whatever bowl game is fine. I love Atlanta. I love Georgia.

DM -- No matter what happens to you next year, are you coming back to Athens to watch a few games?

RG -- I will be back. I want to see more games here.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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