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Megan Darrah is one of the leaders of Andy Landers' Lady Bulldog basketball team. She is the only player back that started every game last season. This season she has done even more. After 5 games she is 3rd on the team in scoring, but leads the team in rebounds. In her last game vs Stanford she played all 40 minutes and scored 7 points and brought home 12 rebounds. After the game I talked to her.

Dave McMahon -- The game against Stanford sure was crazy...

Megan Darrah -- It was exciting. Each team had momentum at times. Winning this kind of game was a real confidence boost.

DM -- How tired are you from playing all 40 minutes?

MD -- It's not something I always want to do, but if I have to do it, I will. I don't mind it.

DM -- Especially playing with just 7, it looks like you had to do it...

MD -- We are getting used to that. That is why we condition so much. Stanford was subbing people in and out, we can't do that.

DM -- These close games mean a lot more than the blowouts, right?

MD -- Yes. Last year we let slip some slip away. This year it has been different.

DM -- Have you always been the player who scraps for the ball, dives for the loose ball, and leaps for every rebound?

MD -- I have never been the quickest player so I have had always had to work for my points.

DM -- Is this the most balanced team you have played with?

MD -- I think last year we were more. We are getting better this year, we are playing with 3 freshmen, but we are getting more balanced.

DM -- Growing up how much did you know about the Stanford program?

MD -- Not a lot, I knew they were always good, but I didn't know a lot. I wasn't recruited by them. Rebecca Rowsey was, she knew more about them than I did.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

Megan Darrah's season stats...

11.4 points per game

7.8 rebounds per game

2.4 assists per game

1.2 steals per game

18-41 (43.9) field goal pct

5-14 (35.7) 3-pt field goal pct

16-19 (84.2) free throw pct

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