Keeping Your Guard Up

Mike Mercer is having a tremendous season for the Bulldogs. He leads the Dawgs in scoring averaging 18 points a game. Earlier this season he netted a career-high 26 points in a game against South Carolina State. Georgia is currently 4-1 and will play on the road against Wake Forest on Saturday. If Georgia is going to win they will need help from the sophomore guard. I talked to him this week.

Dave McMahon -- Georgia has looked pretty good so far this season...

Mike Mercer -- We are playing pretty aggressive and that is what we want. We did lose one, but every game we are building team chemistry and that is what we want.

DM -- It seems like the team has improved a lot, do you think it has?

MM -- Definitely. We have improved a lot. We have a lot more depth right now especially in the post. We have a better overall rotation.

DM -- What does the team still need to improve on?

MM -- We are still lacking consistency. We have to rebound better and play better overall defense. We need to play a complete 40 minutes.

DM -- Most of the early games have been against not-so-great competition, you have Wake Forest, Gonzaga, and Georgia Tech coming up... how execited are you?

MM -- That is what I have been waiting for.

DM -- Your shooting has been better, too... why have you improved so much?

MM -- Since last season I have worked real hard. I have also played in a few leagues in the offseason including one in the Dominican Republic?

DM -- Was that the same league as teammate Rashaad Singleton participated in?

MM -- Yes

DM -- The defense has forced many turnovers so far, is Coach Felton stressing that more this season?

MM -- We have to constantly put pressure on our opponent. If we do, they are more likely to cough up the ball and that means more offense for us.

DM -- You have been shooting pretty well this season, but who on the team would win a game of horse?

MM -- Probably Billy Humphrey. I would be in the top-3.

DM -- Living in the Atlanta area, did you used to watch the Georgia / Georgia Tech rivalry in basketball?

MM -- I was not a fan of Georgia nor Georgia Tech growing up. I was a fan of UCLA. I grew up in California and always liked UCLA. When I moved to Georgia, I grew to like them.

DM -- Do you still talk to Louis Williams?

MM -- Every now and then.

DM -- What is he up to?

MM -- He is still trying to find a spot on a roster.

DM -- After your years at Georgia are over, are fans going to think South Gwinnett High School as the home of Mike Mercer, David Greene or both?

MM -- Hopefully both. I don't mind sharing. I am a fan of David Greene.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

Here are Mike Mercer's stats...

18.0 PPG (last season 11.0)

3.6 RPG (3.0)

3.8 APG (1.6)

3.2 SPG (1.7)

.493 FG Pct (.404)

.360 3-pt FG (.289)

I know many of these stats will not hold up once the conference schedule begins... but wow!

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