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Billy Humphrey is off to a great start for the Bulldogs. Last season, Billy started well but fizzled off. He ended up averaging 8.4 points per game. This year he is average 12.0 points per game (Good enough for 3rd on the team.) He has been extremely accurate from 3-point land hitting 15-for-27 this season. This week I had a chance to talk to the sophomore from Dacula and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- Explain the start of the season so far...

Billy Humphrey -- We have to remain focussed. We played a little inconsistant in our loss, so we have to be more consistant. We have to focus on the little things and get stronger.

DM -- Which little things?

BH -- Little things like rebounding better, blocking out and sticking with our assignments.

DM -- What about you, how are you playing?

BH -- I am playing with more confidence. I am getting better.

DM -- What do you still have to work on?

BH -- My ball handling and my overall defense.

DM -- Georgia has a tough schedule coming up... Wake Forest, Gonzaga, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Wisconsin and then the SEC...

BH -- We have to take it one game at a time. These games will be tougher, but we want to be one of those teams that top-25 teams can't take lightly.

DM -- Is that one of the team's goals?

BH -- Our number one goal is to get better. Last season we were 15-15. We want to be better. We want to go to the big dance and make some noise.

DM -- Who is the better outside shooter, you, Levi Stukes or Mike Mercer?

BH -- Mercer has been shooting great, but Levi and I have been shooting outside longer.

DM -- Anywhere on the court you don't feel comfortable shooting from?

BH -- Nah

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

Billy Humphrey's stats...

12.0 PPG (last season 8.4)

3.4 RPG (3.7)

2.2 APG (1.8)

.576 FG Pct (.424)

.556 3-pt FG Pct (.393)

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