Guess Who's Back?

Tasha Humphrey was suspended for the Bulldogs first 5 games of the regular season, but in the 2nd half of Wednesday's game she came back. The All-American wasn't really needed in the game vs Memphis, but she still scored 11 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in 17 minutes of action. Georgia won the game 95-46 and it was the 700th in the program's history. After the game I talked to Tasha.

Dave McMahon -- What are your feelings just being out there?

Tasha Humphrey -- It feels really good. I have to get used to the style that the team is playing. We have pretty much a whole new team. I just want to help out.

DM -- How hard was it to sit in those games, especially the close ones where you could have helped out a lot?

TH -- It was pretty hard. I made a mistake and I had to pay for it. Fortunately we have a special team and we won those games. Cori Chambers was amazing in those games. She has really improved over the years.

DM -- When did you know that you were going to play?

TH -- At halftime.

DM -- You looked like you were having fun out there, you feel like you can play another one right now?

TH -- I probably could. I haven't played in the few games. I want to play more.

DM -- You had some minor injuries in the offseason, are you 100% now?

TH -- I am close. The trainers are doing a great job on me.

DM -- What was the injury?

TH -- I had a minor fracture in my right knee.

DM -- Once Angel Robinson comes back, Georgia might be able play with 9 players or maybe even more, how great would that be?

TH -- It would be special. I don't we've had that since I've been here.

DM -- You have dominated since you've been here, but what do you still need to improve on?

TH -- I have to cut down on my turnovers.

DM -- The next game is Sunday vs Georgia Tech, now matter what the sport is, Georgia has to beat Georgia Tech, right?

TH -- We do. There is so much bad blood between the schools in every sport. You want to win real bad so we can say we are the best school in Georgia.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

Here are Tasha's stats for Wednesday's game...

17 minutes

11 points

6 rebounds

2 blocks

5-6 field goals

1-2 3-pt field goals

0-1 free throws

3 turnovers

After the game Coach Landers commented on Tasha...

Andy Landers -- She made a mistake and that's not good, but the way she handled the consequences was very good.

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