Wo-Man of Steal

Ashley Houts was a 4-time team MVP at Dade County High School. She was also the AJC's Class AA Player of the Year during her junior and senior seasons. But now she plays for the Bulldogs and she hasn't stopped. The point guard is averaging 10.8 points and 4.5 assists per game. But on Wednesday she became defensive. Houts tied a school record by grabbing 10 steals. After the game I talked to her.

Dave McMahon -- Have you ever had that many steals in a game?

AH -- I think in high school, I may have had 14-15 in a game.

DM -- This game was a rout, but you have had some close games against top competition, do you blowouts because it shows what you can do or the close ones but the stats are down?

AH -- I like the close ones because you feel real good if you win. It is fun for us and for the fans.

DM -- You had 16 points, which was close to your career-high, was this the best overall game for you?

AH -- I don't know. I really wasn't trying to score that much. Whatever it took for Georgia to win.

DM -- A couple more assists and you could have had a triple-double, you ever had one of those?

AH -- In high school.

DM -- You have had some memorable games already, you sank some big free throws to help defeat Stanford...

AH -- Those were big. I like pressure situations like that.

DM -- Now the team has Tasha Humphrey back...

AH -- It is great. It says a lot for the team to pull out 2 tough games like we did, but now with Tasha we are so much better.

DM -- What do you still need to work on?

AH -- Everything. I want to improve on everything.

DM -- In your bio, it says your dream teammates in a 3-on-3 game would be Steve Nash and Dwyane Wade, who plays where?

AH -- Nash plays the point, I will play the wing and since Wade is the tallest he can play the point.

DM -- Thanks for your time and answers.

Here is a what Coach Landers said about Ashley Houts...

Andy Landers -- She just doesn't listen, she does, she responds to what I tell her... I give her an A+ on that.

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