Another Big Game for Tasha

In just her 2nd game back, All-American Tasha Humphrey is back to normal. She only played 17 minutes in her first game, but on Sunday she played 29 and scored a team-high 23 points as Georgia defeated Georgia Tech 79-69. The Junior also added 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and a steal. The team is now 7-0 and after Sunday's game I talked to her.

Dave McMahon -- It is always a big game when you face Georgia Tech, isn't it?

Tasha Humphrey -- It is always big. It is always phyiscal, you have to go hard to whole game.

DM -- Even though Georgia won, do you think the game was sloppy at times?

TH -- At times we weren't focussed, but we never did let the game get out of control.

DM -- You played pretty good defense, was this one of your better defensive games overall?

TH -- When you play Georgia Tech, you have to elevate your game.

DM -- Even though the game was played at Georgia Tech, the crowd seemed pro-Georgia...

TH -- We were surprised. It just shows how big we are in the whole state of Georgia.

DM -- Did you go to any Georgia / Georgia Tech games growing up?

TH -- I did not.

DM -- Do you feel like you are completely back now?

TH -- I feel good.

DM -- This was a big win for your coach Andy Landers, did you know he was going after a milestone?

TH -- We all knew.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

Here are some general comments that Andy Landers made after the Georgia Tech game...

I thought we were good when we needed to be. We handled their pressure really well.

On Cori Chambers... even though she didn't shoot much, she was the best on the perimeter defense.

On Megan Darrah... she just gets better and better in every game.

On Christy Marshall... she was the real sleeper, she did a nice job defensively, I was surprised.

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