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Later this month when Georgia takes on Virginia Tech in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, it will be their 42nd career bowl. The 41 previous bowls is 6th all-time in college football. They only trail Alabama (53), Tennessee and Texas (45), Southern Cal (44), Nebraska (43) and then Georgia. They also have 22 wins which is tied for 6th most. Here some other Georgia bowl facts that you can think about.

Speaking of wins, Georgia won their first 4 bowl games. After that streak they tied then 2 straight.


When the Dawgs face the Hokies in the Chick-Fil-A bowl it will be there 2nd bowl game in the year 2006. As you remember on January 3rd, Georgia faced West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl.

The last time Georgia played 2 bowl games in one calendar year was in 2000 when Georgia played on January 1st vs Purdue in the Outback Bowl and then later on December 24th, they took on Virinia in the O'ahu Bowl.


Georgia will be playing in the Chick-Fil-A / Peach Bowl for the 5th time. After the game, this bowl will be the 2nd most frequent bowl for the Dawgs. The most frequent bowl game has been the Sugar Bowl where Georgia has played 8 times.

The most wins have come in the Sugar Bowl and the Outback Bowl where Georgia has won 3 times each.


We all know, that the Chick-Fil-A Bowl used to be called the Peach Bowl.

Here are some other bowl games that Georgia has played in that have changed names or are no longer with us...

Peach Bowl

Hall of Fame Bowl

Citrus Bowl

O'ahu Bowl

Oil Bowl

Tangerine Bowl

Bluebonnet Bowl

Presidential Cup


Only 5 head coaches have ever led Georgia to bowl games.

Wally Butts (8 bowl games)

Vince Dooley (20)

Ray Goff (4)

Jim Donnan (4)

Mark Richt (5 going on 6)

Vince Dooley won the most 8. His record was 8-10-2. Jim Donnan had the best record, going 4-0 in his games as Bulldog head coach.


The earliest Georgia has played a bowl game was the Presidential Cup. The game was played on December 9th in 1950. Unfortunately the Dawgs lost to Texas A&M 40-20.

The latest was last season in the Sugar Bowl when Georgia played on January 3rd.

Happy New Year!!! Georgia played on January 1st a total of 20 times, including their first 6 bowl games ever.


The biggest blowout Georgia has ever won in a bowl was by 27 points. In 1998, Georgia destroyed Wisconsin 33-6 in the Outback Bowl.

The biggest loss was in the 1969 Sun Bowl when Georgia lost by 39 to Nebraska by the score of 45-6.


The most points Georgia scored in a bowl game was the 1942 Orange Bowl game. In that game the Dawgs scored 40 points in a 40-26 win over TCU. That was also Georgia's first ever bowl game.

The fewest points the Dawgs scored was just 2 points in the 1969 Sugar Bowl as the Dawgs lost 16-2 to Arkansas.


A Georgia bowl game has ended in a tie 3 times in their history.

1948 Gator Bowl (20-20 vs Maryland)

1984 Citrus Bowl (17-17 vs Florida State)

1985 Sun Bowl (13-13 vs Arizona)


The most frequent opponent Georgia faced in a bowl game has been Arkansas. The Hogs and Dawgs have faced each other 4 times.

The 4 times are...

1969 Sugar Bowl

1976 Cotton Bowl

1987 Liberty Bowl

1991 Independence Bowl


Georgia has posted a shutout in a bowl game 3 times...

1943 Rose Bowl (9-0 vs UCLA)

1960 Orange Bowl (14-0 vs Missouri

1964 Sun Bowl (7-0 vs Texas Tech)

The Sun Bowl win capped off Vince Dooley's first season.

He is still the only coach to win a bowl game in their first season as Georgia head coach.

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