Lady Dogs lose first game of season

Middle Tennessee's pressure defense forced Georgia to commit 22 turnovers as the Lady Dogs lost 70-62. 12 of the 22 turnovers were courtesy of the starting backcourt of Ashley Houts and Janese Hardrick. Another problem for the Lady Dogs was that Middle Tennessee grabbed 15 offensive rebounds. Tasha Humphrey was limited to just 7 points. After the game I talked to senior Cori Chambers.

Dave McMahon -- What did Middle Tennessee do so well?

Cori Chambers -- They put pressure on us. It was very hard to pass to anybody. We just couldn't handle the pressure.

DM -- Which led to all the turnovers...

CC -- We made a lot of mistakes. We have a lot to work on.

DM -- They had lots of 2nd and 3rd opportunities under the basket, why was it so hard to box them out?

CC -- They were super aggressive. They did all the dirty work... They got all the important rebounds.

DM -- You shot well, you had 23 points, was that important to you since you had just 3 points against Georgia Tech?

CC -- Every game is different. If I score 3 points or 23 points, it doesn't matter, I just have to play hard every time.

DM -- Tasha struggled tonight... how important is it for both of you to be on your game to create an inside/outside balance?

CC -- It is important. But everyone has an a role. We need everybody to do their thing.

DM -- Your next game is not until the 15th, that is a long time for you to think about this loss...

CC -- I am using it as motivation. We have more time to practice what we did wrong.

DM -- Being a senior, are you going to talk to team and basically say the same thing?

CC -- Everyone knows what happened. We all know what we have to do.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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