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I have been listening and reading all about the Alabama coaching situation and it made me think about the Georgia coaching situation. Don't worry, Coach Richt is not going anywhere. My mind is just thinking about facts and figures about the head coaches that Georgia has had in their history. Some of these you might not even know.

We all know that Vince Dooley has the most wins in Georgia's history. But can you name the top 5? Here they are...

Vince Dooley 201
Wally Butts 140
Mark Richt 60
Harry Mehre 59
Ray Goff 46

In terms of SEC Championships, it is the same top 3...

Vince Dooley 6
Wally Butts 4
Mark Richt 2

Coach Butts has the most losses with 86 and Coach Dooley had the most ties with 10.


Seven former head coaches at Georgia also attended the University of Georgia as a student.

Dr. Charles Herty (Georgia's first coach)
Ernest Brown
Robert Winston
M.M. Dickinson
Kid Woodruff
Johnny Griffith
Ray Goff

3 other schools have produced at least 2 Georgia head coaches...

Brown (Charles McCarthy, J Coulter and Frank Dobson)
Cornell (Pop Warner and Gordon Saussy)
Princeton (E.E. Jones and Billy Reynolds)

I know what you are saying... wasn't Wally Butts and M.M. Dickinson both from Mercer???

M.M. Dickinson transferred to Georgia in the year 1900... remember?

2 former head coaches are from SEC schools...

Vanderbilt (W.A. Cunningham)
Auburn (Vince Dooley)


Whomever is the next head coach at Alabama will be their 4th head coach in the 2000's... I am not counting Mike Price because he never coached a game there.

Georgia on the other hand has had just 2... Mark Richt and Jim Donnan... Donnan's last season was 2000.

Here is a breakdown of Georgia's head coaches by decades...

1890's - 6
1900's - 8
1910's - 1
1920's - 3
1930's - 3
1940's - 1
1950's - 1
1960's - 3
1970's - 1
1980's - 2
1990's - 2 (I am not counting Glen Mason)
2000's - 2


Mark Richt is in his 6th season as head coach. Here are the top 5 Georgia head coaches in terms of seasons coached...

Vince Dooley 25 seasons
Wally Butts 22 seasons
Harry Mehre 10 seasons
W.A. Cunningham 10 seasons
Ray Goff 7 seasons


Here are the coaches that were also Georgia athletic directors...

Herman J. Stegeman
Wally Butts
Vince Dooley


Here are some more interesting facts...

Everyone knows that Herty Field was named after the first Georgia head coach Dr. Charles Herty. But how many of you knew that after he left coaching, he became a scientist and earned national fame in the development of turpentine and pine pulpwood industry.

Robert Winston was Georgia's first paid coach.

When Pop Warner coached Georgia they were simply known as "The Red and Black".

Gordon Saussy later became the mayor of Savannah.

M.M. Dickinson is the only head coach to coach in 2 non-consecutive years. He led the team in 1903, then played pro baseball in the Texas League in 1904 and then came back to lead the team again in 1905.

Charles A. Barnard was the coach in 1904.

In 1909, Georgia had co-coaches. The two men were J. Coulter and Frank Dobson.

Herman J. Stegeman played college ball under Amos Alonzo Stagg.

Kid Woodruff was paid $1 a year. He was a sucessful businessman outside football.

Joel Hunt was the last head coach at Georgia to coach just one season (1938).

After coaching, Johnny Griffith established a construction business in Atlanta.

Before coming a full-time assistant, Ray Goff was the running backs coach at South Carolina when George Rogers won the 1980 Heisman Trophy.

Jim Donnan played tennis at North Carolina State.

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