Asante knocks one team from his list

The recruiting can get to any recruit. It's smothering at times. For Larry Asante, he's been taking that into consideration. It's prompted him to do one thing, if only a small thing to ease the recruiting burden just a little. He's hacked one team off of his list.

Having already visited Kansas State, Iowa State and Nebraska, Coffeyville linebacker Larry Asante was already growing a little weary toward recruiting. It wasn't that he minded the trips, but everyone and their dog calling after them to ask how it went – that was getting to be a bit much. "It's not like I don't like the attention, but you don't really like being on the phone all the time, when you haven't even made a decision," he said.

With two visits left Larry sought to make the rest of his recruiting time a bit easier. He hacked one team off his list. Today he was supposed to be in Arkansas and he's scheduled to be in Clemson next Friday. For Larry, it was just time for Arkansas to go.

"It's a good program, but I had to really narrow this down to the teams I was real sure I was interested in, because I just want to get through this, take my last visit to Clemson and make my decision."

One had to admire Asante for avoiding the emotion that comes on official visits, especially the one down in Manhattan, Kansas. The Wildcats, just beating then top five Texas, had to be looking pretty good. The discipline it took not to commit there, is what Larry says keeps him steady right now, because he'll admit that if he wasn't quite this firm on seeing it through, he would have committed just to push the attention away.

"I never thought about committing to those schools I saw, because it's just not a smart thing to do," Larry said of his previous official visits. "You can't be really sure about your choice until you have taken all of your serious choices and compared them. I have one left, and only after I take that will I be able to know where I am going to go."

Asante said (as you would assume) that nobody leads right now, but the list is down to Clemson, Nebraska and Kansas State. Asante is eager to figure out who out of that four is going to be the school for him. Yes, he wants to get to the right place, and know where he's going will be truly the best place for him.

But it's going to be nice to get it all over with for good. "I just want the recruiting part to be over and make my decision and that's that," he said. "It's going to feel real good when I can do that."

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