Strickland discusses playing time on visit

ATHENS – There will be a slew of players competing this spring for starting spots and playing time on the offensive line – Tanner Strickland will be one of them.

Because Strickland has been committed to the Bulldogs for over a year now, the main purpose of his visit was to talk with the coaches about his playing time in the coming year.

"Playing early is one of the reasons that I am coming in early – that's why I am coming in early I want to train with the team and get ready to play fall," he said.

He'll get his chance to do just that this spring when he goes through Georgia's well-discussed mat drills, and the team's spring practices. NCAA rules have changed regarding the participation of early high school graduates as it relates to bowl practices not conducted on campus, so spring ball is the first taste of college football Strickland will get.

"I had a good time," he confirmed. "A lot of it was talking with the coaches. They talked about playing time and getting up there in January. It's hard to know how much I will play. I think it will play to our benefit. Half of us will get redshirted that will benefit us in the future."

This spring Strickland will have to compete against Vince Vance, Joe Blaes and the recently-committed Scott Haverkamp for playing time. Justin Anderson and Ben Harden appear on their way to Athens, too.

There was one offensive lineman that visited this weekend who was not committed coming in – All-American Chris Little.

"He seemed like he was having a good time," Strickland said. "He hung out with Greenlee a lot – it seemed pretty cool to me. I had a good time talking with him. I glad I met him no matter where he goes."

As for the rest of the weekend, Strickland said he was pleased with how it went.

"We went to the Gala on Friday night, and because Kris Durham was my host and we hung out the rest of Friday night back at his place playing video games and talking. On Saturday we went to the stadium, and then we ate at Coach Richt's house and that was cool because I had never been there before."

"The best part was just hanging with the guys we are going to play the rest of our college ball life with," Strickland said.

The rest of his college life will start soon enough. Strickland will get to Georgia on January 2nd, and will begin classes soon thereafter. He indicated that he will be a sports medicine major.

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