Bean beaming over test score

ATHENS – Justin Anderson had the best time of all of his experiences at Georgia because this time something was a little bit different than those in the past.

This time Anderson, or Big Bean as he's know, left Athens knowing he will play at Georgia.

"It was a big relief," Anderson said. "It has been worrying me a lot. I have been praying about it a lot."

The big offensive tackle even admitted that he had trouble getting rest while the entire affair was going on.

"I couldn't sleep at night," he admitted in a very serious tone.

But the somberness of preparing for the test gave way to satisfaction not that long ago when Anderson learned for certain that he will play college football.

"I feel more like a Georgia Bulldog now," he said. "I have done what I am supposed to do and now its time to show everyone what I have got."

Doing so may result in the highly-touted player getting lots of playing time this fall. The Bulldogs must address holes at both offensive tackle spots, but it seems Anderson will be in a dog fight with recently-committed Scott Haverkamp for the starting tackle spot opposite Georgia Military's Vince Vance.

"I have to work hard," Anderson admitted. "They told me that if I came in and busting my tail I would have a good chance of playing and even starting.

He said he was glad he went to Hargrave and learned the tough way to get his act together.

"Hargrave taught me everything," Anderson said. "I didn't get up early when I was in high school. Add to all of that that you are going to class and stuff like that. At Hargrave to get up, go to class, have lunch – then study hall and then practice and study some more."

As for the trip to Athens, Anderson said it was everything he wanted.

"The trip was great," he said. "My favorite part of it was seeing all my future teammates."

And as happy as Anderson was, his mother may have been even more excited.

"We are overwhelmed," said a giddy Mrs. Anderson. "I am officially a Georgia Bulldog mom. I don't think he could have picked a better school."

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