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Brannan Southerland has led the Bulldogs in scoring all season. In fact not since 1957 has a Georgia fullback led the Dawgs in scoring. That season Theron Sapp had 5 touchdowns, this season Southerland has 9 touchdowns. He did not play in the Georgia Tech game due to an illness. Today I had a chance to talk to the sophomore about that and about preparing for the bowl game.

Dave McMahon -- How does it feel to be back out there practicing?

Brannan Southerland -- It felt good. It was perfect weather... It took a couple minutes to get back into it, but it came back.

DM -- What happened before the Georgia Tech game?

BS -- It was rough. On Thanksgiving I got sick. I had a bacterial infection in my stomach.

DM -- Are you ok now?

BS -- Yes. I lost a lot of weight, but I starting conditioning towards the end of last week and now I am fine.

DM -- Last season, Georgia started off really slow in the bowl game against West Virginia, what went wrong?

BS -- We just didn't come out with any intensity.

DM -- Well the offense better come out against Virginia Tech because they have one of the best defenses in the nation...

BS -- They do. We watched when Georgia Tech played them earlier this year and won. They starting strong and went long and deep which later opened up the run for them.

DM -- This is not a BCS bowl, but being a bowl game in your hometown Atlanta still feels good, doesn't it?

BS -- This is a great bowl. It is one of the best matchups. Fans were down on us early, but now they are back and should show great support in the dome.

DM -- How many tickets are you trying to get?

BS -- As many as I can.

DM -- I know you don't care who scores for Georgia, but your next touchdown will be number 10 on the season... did you ever imagine that you would have this many?

BS -- My personal goal this season was to have one more than last season. I never imagined I would have this many. If I do it, it would be great, but I just want to win.


Current scoring leaders...

Brannan Southerland - 54 points
Kregg Lumpkin - 36 points
Brandon Coutu - 36 points
Andy Bailey - 27 points

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