Not Short on Talent

Janese Hardrick is one of two seniors on this season's Georgia women's basketball team. Earlier in a game against Georgia Tech she scored her 1,000th career point becoming the 28th Lady Bulldog to accomplish such a feat. This season she is averging 10.6 points per game and 3.5 assists per game. She talked to me this week about how the season is progressing.

Dave McMahon -- You have had many injuries in your time at Georgia, but how healthy are you now?

Janese Hardrick -- As healthy as I have been here. Right now I am in shape, in good condition, at a good weight and have no injuries.

DM -- Being a senior you have seen many different teams here at Georgia, what is different about this season's team?

JH -- This team is closer, especially when we played with just 7 girls and beating Top-10 teams, this team played close.

DM -- What do you still need to work on?

JH -- My shooting and my defense. My all around game.

DM -- What does the team need to work on?

JH -- Rebounding and defense. We need to be more aggressive.

DM -- Your backcourt mate is freshman Ashley Houts, being a senior have you taught her a lot?

JH -- I have given her input. Whatever she asks me and will help her and give her my best.

DM -- Both are you are listed at 5'6"... are you the smallest backcourt in the nation?

JH -- Probably

DM -- Who is taller?

JH -- Hmmm, me

DM -- Do you have to rely on your speed to makeup for the lack of height?

JH -- Speed is very important. We have to use whatever advantages we have.

DM -- Earlier this year you scored your 1000th point, did you know it was coming?

JH -- Mike Mobley (UGA SCD) told me. I didn't think about it. I was excited about it, but I have more important goals than scoring 1,000 points. I rather win the SEC and NCAAs.

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