Redshirting Reshad

Reshad Jones was the 13th rated safety in the nation last season. As a senior in high school he made 82 tackles and picked off 2 passes. As a junior he had 10 interceptions. This season he has been redshirted, but has received very good reviews from his coaches and teammates. This week I got a chance to talk to him and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- What have you learned the most this season?

Reshad Jones -- I am learning all the fundamentals and proper technique.

DM -- How hard was it for you to be redshirted while you see other true freshman playing like Asher Allen and Prince Miller?

RJ -- It was hard. But learning the safety position is hard. They are like the quarterback of the defense.

DM -- So overall, are you glad you redshirted?

RJ -- It was one of the best things that happened. I know a lot more. I am bigger and stronger, too.

DM -- How helpful has Coach Martinez been?

RJ -- A lot. He keeps reinforcing the basics.

DM -- What about Kelin Johnson and Tra Battle?

RJ -- They are always in my ear. Telling me proper ways to do things.

DM -- Are you more of a free safety or rover?

RJ -- Either one. I can play both. I can play corner, too. I have been helping out in all areas.

DM -- What current or former Georgia safety are you most like?

RJ -- Probably Sean Jones. He is a ball hawk safety.

DM -- The Chick-Fil-A Bowl is probably not your first choice, but it is in your hometown of Atlanta, so that's good...

RJ -- Yes. I am going to have lots of friends and family there.

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