Full of It

We all know that Georgia fullback Brannan Southerland is having a great season. He currently leads the Dawgs with nine touchdowns. But most people don't know much about the two freshmen fullbacks that are being redshirted right now and could be the next Brannan Southerland. Fred Muzenmaier and Shaun Chapas should get their chance to show what they can do next season. Today I talked to them both.

Dave McMahon -- What have you learned this season?

Fred Munzenmaier -- Both of us ran the ball a lot in our high schools, so we had to learn a lot. We will used more as a blocker and a short-yardage runner. We have to learn a lot of fundamentals.

Shaun Chapas -- College is a whole new level. We had to adjust to the speed of the game.

DM -- What do you love most about Athens?

FM -- Everything is football and the stadium is right in the middle of campus. There is nothing like running through that tunnel before the game.

SC -- There is such a family atmosphere everywhere we go.

DM -- How great is it watching Brannan Southerland succeed in a positon that you both will be playing?

FM -- It makes me happy because that is my positon. He is such a good role model.

SC -- He is great. Fred and I are usually the first to congratulate him when he runs off the field after a touchdown.

DM -- But he will probably be here two more seasons, you will probably play a lot of special teams, did you play special teams in high school?

FM -- Some in my earlier years.

SC -- I was on kickoff return team and the punt return team.

DM -- How much do you two hang out together?

FM -- We have a couple classes together. Actually a lot of our teammates make fun of how much we are together.

SC -- Too much, just kidding.

DM -- What is the best thing about the other person?

FM -- Shaun is very reliable and organized person.

SC -- Fred makes me laugh.


DM -- Here are some quick questions... out of you two... give me the person that best describes the question I am asking?....

DM -- You are both listed the same height and weight, but really who's taller?

FM -- Shaun is.

DM -- Heavier?

FM -- I am fat.

DM -- Stronger?

SC -- Fred benches and squats more than me.

DM -- Who is faster?

SC -- We never raced.

FM -- So come out this spring and you can see who is faster.

DM -- Better blocker?

FM -- We are both starting at ground zero.

DM -- Smarter in the classroom?

FM -- I hold my own, but it is Shaun.

DM -- Better in video games?

SC -- Fred kicks my butt in Tiger Woods.

DM -- Better dresser?

FM -- We are two different styles.

SC -- I wear the same shirt almost everyday.

DM -- Better sense of humor?

SC -- Our sense of humor bounces off each other.

DM -- Better luck with the ladies?

FM -- Shaun's girlfriend is gourgeous. He better keep her.

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