Some Things You May Not Know

There has been a lot of talk about coaching changes. Today, Neil Callaway was hired as the new head coach at UAB. Another hire was at Louisiana Tech. They will be hiring Derek Dooley as their head coach. Derek is the son of Vince Dooley. The younger Dooley has been an assistant under Nick Saban the last 7 seasons including the last 2 with the Miami Dolphins. Here are other things you may not know.

Derek Dooley was a grad assistant coach at the University of Georgia in 1996 and he earned a law degree at Georgia as well.

Vince Dooley ended his career with 201 wins. If Derek averages 9 wins per year as a head coach it will be in the year 2028 when he ties his father.

Add those totals together and you have 402 wins. Currently the Bowden family has 554, but Bobby has 2 sons that have or had head coaching experience. Vince's other son Daniel was never a collegiate head coach.


Speaking of Bobby Bowden. We all know that Coach Bowden is the active leader in most coaching wins with Joe Paterno in second. But do you know who is third??? It is no other than Georgia's opponent Frank Beamer of Virginia Tech who has 198 career wins.

Frank Beamer also has 156 as the Hokies head coach. The most at that school. But the coach with the second most wins at Virginia Tech is Bill Dooley. Vince's brother. Bill ended with 64 wins at Virginia Tech.


Here are some notes about current Bulldogs...

There has been 11 Bulldogs in history that have rushed for over 2,000 yards in their career.

If Thomas Brown, Kregg Lumpkin and Danny Ware decide to stay at Georgia, they all have a chance to break 2,000 next season.

Here is what each currently has...

Thomas Brown - 1,867 rush yards
Kregg Lumpkin - 1,617 rush yards
Danny Ware - 1,518 rush yards


What about a passing stat?

Matthew Stafford currently has 1,620 pass yards. Most likely he will not break 2,000 yards this season. But the only Georgia freshman quarterback to throw for over 2,000 yards was David Greene back in 2001.

Some of you are thinking... what about Eric Zeier? Well you would be right and wrong. Back then bowl stats did not count. During Zeier's freshman season in 1991 he finished with 1,984 yards, but if you add his 228 Independence Bowl yards, he finishes with 2,214.


What about basketball?

After Georgia's 96-83 win over Gonzaga on Saturday. They are 7-1 on the season. Well they were 7-1 last season through 8 games, too. But you know as well as I know, this team is a lot better. Here are some stats on the Bulldogs under Dennis Felton.

Stats through first 8 games...

2006-07: 7-1 record... 91.6 ppg... 53.9 fg pct

2005-06: 7-1 record... 78.9 ppg... 48.0 fg pct

2004-05: 5-3 record... 67.8 ppg... 43.9 fg pct

2003-04: 6-2 record... 74.6 ppg... 44.9 fg pct


Since the 1959-60 season, here are the most points per game the Bulldogs have averaged in a season...

1989-90 season: 82.7 points per game
1967-68 season: 82.2
1971-72 season: 81.92
1968-69 season: 81.88
1990-91 season: 81.7

As it was stated in the previous stat... right now the Dawgs are averaging 91.6 points per game.


Here is a Lady Bulldog stat...

After Georgia's win over TCU on Sunday. Georgia improved to 9-1 this season.

That was the 10th time, Georgia has started at least 9-1 under Andy Landers. The last coming in the 2001-02 season.

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