There's a Catch

A.J. Bryant started 11 games this season which led the Dawg receivers. He was 5th on the team with 14 receptions, but he his 53-yard reception against Auburn was the longest by Georgia player all year. The passing game seems to be getting better for the Dawgs which is a good thing because the Hokies only allows 128.2 pass yards a game which leads the nation. This week I talked to A.J. Bryant.

Dave McMahon -- How has practice been this week?

A.J. Bryant -- It has been pretty good. We all got rested, but when it was time to get back out there we did.

DM -- How much conditioning did you do in the off weeks?

AJB -- I did some jogging. I tried to stay loose.

DM -- Did you go home?

AJB -- No. I stayed here and studied.

DM -- Georgia's passing game seems to be getting better the last few weeks of the season?

AJB -- I agree. Early in the season we were not that good. But lately we have been making more plays and executing a lot better.

DM -- Virginia Tech has one of the best defenses in the nation... what makes them so good?

AJB -- They are a team that tries to intimidate their opponents.

DM -- Speaking of Virginia Tech... do you know what a hokie is?

AJB -- I have no idea.

DM -- You have had some good games in the Georgia dome?

AJB -- I feel good there. It is a good environment for a game and our crowd is always good.

DM -- You had some good high school games there, too...

AJB -- Yeah, I did.

DM -- How does this team make sure it doesn't start slow like it did several times this year and like it did in last year's bowl game against West Virginia?

AJB -- We just have get our mind set early and execute a lot better early.

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