Learning the Position

Josh Davis was a 3-star offensive tackle when Georgia signed him last February. This year he has been redshirting and learning the position. Even though Georgia is signing a lot of offensive linemen in this class, Josh could have a very good chance of playing next season. I talked to him this week about this season and preparing for next season.

Dave McMahon -- What have you learned this year?

Josh Davis -- I learned that the college game is very fast. You have to work real hard. The main thing for me is that my pass blocking has to get better.

DM -- Tell me you thoughts on the Neil Callaway situation...

JD -- I am glad he got the job. I rather have him here for my years here, but I wish him the best.

DM -- What is your favorite thing about Coach Callaway?

JD -- He is a like a father-figure to me.

DM -- Are you any bigger than when you first got here?

JD -- I lost weight since I got here so I can get faster. Now I am going to gain some weight the right way. I want to be at 310 pounds in August.

DM -- Tell me something about some of the seniors you have played with...

JD -- Shack is a big player like me and I am learning to move like him. I learned to be aggressive from Dan. Nick has taught me to play low. I learned things from all the guys.

DM -- What is your goals for next season?

JD -- To help the team the most I can. I also want to start and get in some plays.

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