Mohamed Massaquoi has had his share and ups and downs this season. The downs being the inconsistant play and the drops while the ups were big catches he made and none bigger than the go-ahead touchdown and conversion against Georgia Tech. Mo-Mass still leads the team in receptions this season and is 2nd in receiving yards. This week I got a chance to talk to the sophomore and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- How has practice been this week?

Mohamed Massaquoi -- It has been going good. We are just doing some of our normal drills and getting back to fundamentals.

DM -- You had one of your better games against Georgia Tech, did you kind of wish that you didn't have this break and you can build off your last game?

MM -- No, sometimes you need a break. A lot of us needed to get our bodies back. We just had 2 big wins, I think we can still build off of those games.

DM -- Was that TD against Georgia Tech supposed to go to you?

MM -- It depended what the defense did on who was it supposed to go to.

DM -- What are the strengths of the Virginia Tech defense?

MM -- The are the complete package. They have top notch pass rushers. They have good linebackers and good safties. They are really good.

DM -- Is there any team that Georgia has played so far that they remind you of?

MM -- They are a unique team. That is why they are the tops. They are not like anyone else. You have to give them respect.

DM -- This will be your high school and college teammate Mario Raley's last game, what has he meant to you?

MM -- He has been like an older brother to me. He showed me the ropes. He too has had his ups and downs here and he teaches me how to deal with it.

DM -- You are not a big-time veteran, but you have been here two years, what can see you on how the freshman Kris Durham and Tony Wilson have done this season?

MM -- Kris is getting better. He still has to learn how to use his size and ability to his advantage. Tony is a hard nose guy. He has a bright future. He has a lot of speed.

DM -- Tell me about Coach Eason...

MM -- He is a teacher. He is so smart and he is easy to deal with. He knows what has to be done.

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