Mr. Intensity

Terrance Woodbury is one of Georgia's better all-around players. Last year he was limited to just 13 games due to injuries. This year he is holding his own. In Georgia's win over Jacksonville on Tuesday, Terrence posted career-highs in rebounds and blocks and was 2 points away from his career-high in points. After the game I talked to him about the season so far and what lies ahead.

Dave McMahon -- Georgia struggled very early against Jacksonville... what happened?

Terrance Woodbury -- After the big win against Gonzaga, I guess we thought we could win easily against Jacksonville. We found out early we couldn't, they are a good team... We looked real sluggish.

DM -- What went through your mind when you saw Sundiata Gaines go down?

TW -- I was hoping he can come back in the game. We were struggling at the time and he is one of our leaders.

DM -- If he can't play, Mike Mercer seems like the man who will play point, what can Mike do?

TW -- He can play a complete game. He practices a lot at the point. Last year when he came in, he was a point guard. He does a good job finding people.

DM -- If this was last year, this team would be in trouble...

TW -- You are right. Depth is the key. Last year it would have been a lot harder to win.

DM -- You had some career-highs tonight and were close to a few others, is this what we can see out of you?

TW -- I play the way Coach wants me to play. I like playing with intensity, that is how I play.

DM -- You also played a little eratic at times...

TW -- I did. I played a little out of my shell. I tried too hard to make things happen.

DM -- What is the deal with the huge elbow pad?

TW -- It is a volleyball pad. Last year I had it on my left arm due to calcium deposits. This year it is on my right. I am afraid if I get hit there, it may irritate it more.


Tuesday's stats against Jacksonville...

15 points
7 rebounds
2 assists
3 blocks
4 turnovers
6-14 field goals
3-4 3-pt field goals

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