Getting to Know-shon

Knowshon Moreno was the nation's 9th rated running back in last season's recruiting class. With Lumpkin, Brown and Ware already in the backfield, Moreno was forced to redshirt. There has been a lot of praise about the New Jersey native for his great practices. How much playing time will he have next season and how will he do? I don't know, but I did talk to him this week.

Dave McMahon -- What have you learned this season?

Knowshon Moreno -- I learned the speed of the game, it is so much faster.

DM -- Are you any bigger or stronger now than when you first got to Georgia?

KM -- I am bigger. I am about 208 pounds now. I am also a lot stronger.

DM -- What about your speed?

KM -- I haven't been timed since high school.

DM -- What was that time?

KM -- 4.4

DM -- Were there times this season, especially after Thomas Brown's injury where the coaches told you that you might play in the next game?

KM -- No, after the 3rd or 4th game they told me I was going to redshirt.

DM -- How have the 3 running backs treated you?

KM -- They have taught me many things and different styles of running.

DM -- Have you been back to New Jersey since you have been down here?

KM -- Twice. Sometimes it is good to get back home.

DM -- Any of your family or friends up north think you have picked up a southern accent at all?

KM -- No, not yet.

DM -- Favorite thing about the south?

KM -- The people, my friends and the food.

DM -- What was up with Rutgers this year?

KM -- They have been recruiting well lately and they did a good job building a good team.

DM -- Speaking of New Jersey, are you a fan of "The Sopranos"?

KM -- No, not really.

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