Will he play?

Georgia's basketball team is 8-1 this season. Two seasons ago they won 8 games all season. In the past week they have defeated Gonzaga and Jacksonville. But in the Jacksonville game, star point guard Sundiata Gaines went down with an ankle injury. What makes it worse is that the Dawgs have to face Georgia Tech next. Will he play? We will see, but today I had a chance to talk to Coach Felton.

Dave McMahon -- What is Sundiata Gaines status for the next game?

Dennis Felton -- I think he will play. There was no severe damage... He did not practice today, he was in the training room.

DM -- What have you seen when Mike Mercer plays the point?

DF -- He can do the job. He has all the skills at point. He is still young and is still gaining the knowledge he needs at that position.

DM -- Last few seasons, it would be over if someone was hurt bad...

DF -- Yeah, we have more depth this season than we ever had.

DM -- You have been at Georgia a few seasons to see how important this game against Georgia Tech is...

DF -- I want to win every game so badly. I enjoy rivalries, it adds more intrest to the game. It is fun beating your rival, but every game is important.

DM -- Is it important for in-state recruiting?

DF -- I don't think one game impacts recruiting. I am 2-1 against Georgia Tech and I don't think I have a major leg up in in-state recruiting. I feel confident that we do well in-state and that we will continue getting better.

DM -- Tell me about Georgia Tech...

DF -- I just started watching their films, but they have to be one of the top three most talented teams in the country. They are freakishly athletic. I don't know many teams that can roll out as many players... they are so long and deep. They are special.

DM -- Those two young players are good...

DF -- Thaddeus Young and Javaris Crittenton... they are pros, but there team doesn't end there.

DM -- The team has a great record and has defeated good teams like Wake Forest and Gonzaga, but are not ranked nor do they have many votes in the poll, are you surprised?

DF -- I don't pay attention to that. I worry about our development and the rest will take care of itself.


Georgia's schedule the rest of 2006...

Friday - Dec 22: at Georgia Tech at 7:00 pm
Thursday - Dec 28: at Clemson at 7:00 pm
Sunday - Dec 31: home vs Wisconsin at 1:00 pm

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