Bank On It

Quentin Banks was the nation's 27th rated safety in last season's recruited class. This year he is being redshirted and like Reshad Jones, both have been receiving a lot of praise in their work during practice. With Tra Battle gone after this season and Kelin Johnson gone in the season after that, Quentin has a good opportunity to play a lot in 2007. This week I talked to standout safety.

Dave McMahon -- What have you learned the most this season?

Quentin Banks -- I am basically doing everything new so that is a challenge. I have to learn a new system and new plays.

DM -- What has Coach Willie Martinez taught you?

QB -- He teaches me football, but he also teaches me life. He's making me a better man.

DM -- You have been known as a hard hitter, do you like that reputation?

QB -- I guess so. I want to be known as an all-around player, not just a hard hitter. That is why I want to learn better technique and better fundamentals.

DM -- Who are some of your favorite hard hitters throughout football history?

QB -- Steve Atwater and of course Greg Blue. Greg is a big reason why I came to Georgia, him and Thomas Davis.

DM -- What other current Dawgs are hard hitters?

QB -- Reshad Jones hits hard and has good potential. Tra Battle is probably the best pound-per-pound hitter we have. He is smaller, but he hits hard.

DM -- What has been your favorite moment in practice this year?

QB -- A lot of them. We were on an inside drill and I made a big hit. It was early in camp and I wanted to make sure everyone knew who I was.

DM -- Who do you hang out with off the field?

QB -- Most of the secondary. We all stay together on and off the field. I like talking to Kelin Johnson and Tra Battle and pick their brain a little.

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