Knock on Wood

Brandon Wood was the nation's 4th rated defensive end in last season's recruiting class. He had 18 sacks in his last two seasons at Haralson County High School. This season he has been redshirting and nursing an injury. Next season he hopes to get a lot of playing time. This week I talked to the Brandon about redshirting and what to expect next season and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- How has rehab been going?

Brandon Wood -- It has been good. I feel like I am getting better.

DM -- What was the exact injury and when did it happen?

BW -- I have a torn labrum. It happened during the 2nd scrimmage of fall practice.

DM -- Can we expect you back by spring?

BW -- I will be back in the fall. I will do some work in the spring. I won't play in the spring game, but I will do some things.

DM -- There is about 5-10 of you in the injured group that sit together during practice... what do y'all do?

BW -- We do a lot of ab work. We joke around some, but we usually do a lot of ab work.

DM -- How much do you weigh now?

BW -- I am about 270 pounds.

DM -- Are you still at the end or will you be moving inside?

BW -- I may be moving inside. It doesn't matter if I do as long as I play and help the team.

DM -- Which other defensive linemen that we haven't seen play at Georgia are you most impressed with?

BW -- I think Michael Lemon has done well and Dobbs, too. I think they are looking real good.

DM -- You have mostly been an end so far... tell me about Coach Fabris...

BW -- He gets after you. If you do bad he gets on you, but then picks you right up. I like him a lot.

DM -- What players have helped you the most?

BW -- Probably Charles Johnson and Q. They teach me proper ways to use my hands, to use my quickness. They teach me moves I need to make.

DM -- How anxious are you for the 2007 season to start?

BW -- I can't wait. I think about it every day.

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