Some Things You Might Not Know

Even though most of December is in the fall, Georgia rarely plays football in that month. From 1892 to 1926, Georgia played in December just 4 times. I know what you are saying, that was long ago, but from 1978 to 1999, Georgia only played in December 13 times. Now with the SEC Championship the Dawgs are playing more and more in December. You know that, but here are some things you might not know.

Georgia's first ever game in December happened in their 2nd season. In 1893, Georgia defeated Augusta A.C. 24-0. Later in that month, Georgia defeated Furman 22-8. Coach Ernest Brown surely knew what he was doing that month.

Mark Richt on the other hand is not doing as well. Sure 3-2 is a winning record, but that percentage is not what Dawg fans are used to. Although he is 3-2, his teams have outscored their opponents 128-78 in those games.

Coach Richt is 3-1 in early December games (2-1 in SEC Championships (rememeber Houston in 2001?) and 0-1 in late December. That's OK, usually Georgia plays in January bowl games.

Here is a breakdown of Coach Richt, month-by-month...

August: 2-0
September: 19-2
October: 19-6
November: 14-6
December: 3-2
January: 3-1

Here is how recent Georgia coaches have done in December...

Jim Donnan: 2-0
Ray Goff: 1-4
Vince Dooley: 10-6-1


Overall Georgia is 8-9-2 in bowl games played in December.

They have never played on Christmas, but they have been close.

On December 24, 2000, Georgia defeated Virginia in the O'ahu Bowl. That was Jim Donnan's last game as head coach. On December 26, 1964, Georgia defeated Texas Tech in the Sun Bowl. That was Vince Dooley's first bowl game.


Hopefully this December game will turn out better than the 1931 clash with Southern Cal. USC defeated Georgia 60-0... ouch.

But Georgia does have a 3-1 advantage over another normally-known powerhouse, Miami and all of those games were played in Miami.


When looking through the month of December, I noticed 8 players have a birthday in December. Once again no one with December 25th, but here is the list of December Dawgs...

Sean Bailey: December 6th
Bryan Evans: December 12th
Des Williams: December 12th
Mario Raley: December 14th
Tripp Chandler: December 15th
Seth Watts: December 20th
Antavious Coates: December 24h
Micky White: December 26th

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