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For his first season playing for the Georgia Bulldogs, cornerback Bryan Evans has had a pretty productive season. He had 3 starts including the last 2 games and made 21 tackles on the season. Seven tackles came on his first start against Mississippi State. He was part of a defensive backfield that has allowed just 77 yards of passing in the last 2 games combined. This week I caught up to him.

Dave McMahon -- How has bowl practice been so far?

Bryan Evans -- It has been good so far. I feel more comfortable. Just being out there more has helped me be better prepared for games.

DM -- You started the last few games, that must make you feel good...

BE -- Yes. This experience helps a lot.

DM -- You even got a sack against Georgia Tech, what is up with that?

BE -- I never set out to get one, but I have been playing the short corner a lot which allows me the opportunity to blitz more.

DM -- Do you remember your last sack?

BE -- No, I don't think I even had one in high school.

DM -- There are a lot of Georgia defensive backs that have sacks, are y'all having a competition back there?

BE -- No, we compete more on interceptions. A sack is big, but an interception is a turnover and that can change the momentum of a game.

DM -- What do you know about Virginia Tech's passing game?

BE -- They are very solid. They have 3 good receivers. They have good speed and good size.

DM -- Is there a defense that you have played so far that reminds you of the Hokie offense?

BE -- Maybe Tennessee. They run a Power O. They mix it up well with their passes and their runs.

DM -- There are a lot of exciting young cornerbacks on Georgia right now... this is going to be a fun group to watch in the future...

BE -- I think it is. Once we get rolling, it doesn't matter who is out there. With me, Asher and Prince we can be a top defensive team for years to come. Don't forget we also have a lot of talented young safties.

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