Richt: Two options for offensive line spot

ATHENS - Mark Richt is still in the information-gathering stage of his search for an offensive assistant coach, he said.

For the first time Wednesday, Richt acknowledged that he's considering moving tight ends coach David Johnson to the offensive line and hiring a tight ends coach.

However, he indicated that there are two reasons he may leave Johnson in his current role.

"Dave's been very successful at coaching tight ends, plus he's been very successful with our punt team, too," Richt said. If Johnson is moved "that momentum we've had recruiting tight ends could be in jeopardy, and we'd have to find somebody else for our punt team."

Johnson, who coached offensive line for 12 years at three different schools, said last week he'll do whatever is asked of him.

"I want to do what's going to make us win," he said. "That's what I'm committed to, whatever Coach Richt wants."

Richt wants to have a coach by Jan. 14, he said.

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