On the Receiving End

Kris Durham joined the Georgia football team about this time last year. He was an early enrollee from Calhoun High School. This season for the Georgia Bulldogs, Kris played in all 12 games, starting 2 and made 7 receptions. But overall he learned a lot. I talked to him recently about the season and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- Describe your emotions this season...

Kris Durham -- During the season, I had to stay positive. I did have some downs, but I had to keep focussed. You have to keep fighting all season and work hard.

DM -- Which teammates have been there the most when you needed help?

KD -- A lot of them. Mario Raley, Kenneth Harris, A.J. Bryant, but probably Mario the most, on and off the field, also Mohamed Massaquoi.

DM -- This is about when you joined the team last year, what are you telling the guys who are joining the team early this season?

KD -- When they work make sure they are having fun, too, because time goes by real fast. Your time here is limited.

DM -- How much more do you weigh than when you first came to Georgia?

KD -- 25 pounds heavier... some people say I am an inch taller, too.

DM -- Are you going to gain more weight?

KD -- About 10-12 pounds more.

DM -- What do you still need to work on?

KD -- All the small things. I have to get stronger and faster.

DM -- If you were to create the best Georgia wide receiver from the guys on the team now...

Whose speed would you use?

KD -- Overall speed... A.J. Bryant

DM -- Body

KD -- Kenneth Harris

DM -- Moves

KD -- Mikey Henderson

DM -- Hands

KD -- Me

DM -- Height

KD -- Me

DM -- Intelligence

KD -- Mario Raley, Massaquoi, Harris... a lot of them.

DM -- Is the best part of being a sophomore next season is that no one will shave your head?

KD -- That is a very good part.

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