Chick-fil-A Bowl: Dec. 29 News and Notes

ATLANTA - Josh Kendall's news and notes from Georgia's game with Virginia Tech.

INJURY UPDATE: The Bulldogs are unsure how much they'll be able to use junior wide receiver A.J. Bryant today. The Peach County product has caught 14 passes for 251 yards this year but still is hampered by a months-old groin injury.

"He's not been able to really go full speed at practice for a while," Richt said. "He's been hot and cold."

Third-string tight end Coleman Watson probably will retain his spot on the field goal and extra point block team despite a groin injury, Richt said.

"There's a liability there, too, if they do block a kick, which they do a lot, I don't know if he can really chase anybody down," Richt said.

HANDS OFF: Despite having experience facing a Bud Foster defense and having only given up play-calling two games ago, Richt has tried not to suggest too many things to new offensive coordinator Mike Bobo.

"I'm pretty much leaving it to Mike as to how to call it," he said. "I really haven't said, ‘You ought to think about this, you ought to do that.' I know how it is when you're calling plays. If you get too many suggestions, it can be problematic. I'm just trying to stay out of his hair and let him go."

GAME TIME: Beamer and Richt held a morning press conference and each team held a walk-through Friday at the Georgia Dome.

"The half football, half fun part is over. It's just football now," Richt said. "Hopefully, it'll be a great game for everybody. Hopefully, we'll win by one point. Hopefully, we'll score one point."

At the press conference, the Chick-fil-A Bowl announced an extension of its deal with ESPN to five years and unveiled its new 98-pound trophy.

"We told the coaches in the meeting, ‘Don't lift that thing if you win, let your big linemen lift it,'" bowl president Gary Stokan said.

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