Breaking It Down

The Georgia Basketball team looks a lot better this season compared to a few recent seasons, but lately it hasn't looked so good. The team is 8-4, but has lost the last 3 games. The teams the Dawgs have faced have been much toughter and statistically it is easy to see the difference in production. Well I will let you see it as we head to conference play.

Looking at the team's stats, it looks like they are doing well.

84.1 points per game
50.3 field goal pct
41.6 3-pt field goal pct
39.8 rebounds per game
16.3 assists per game
5.9 blocks per game
10.4 steals per game
20.2 forced turnovers per game

18.3 turnovers per game
41.9 opp field goal pct

But if we break it down by wins and losses...

In Georgia wins...

94.9 points per game
55.6 field goal pct
47.7 3-pt field goal pct
41.9 rebounds per game
19.5 assists per game
6.6 blocks per game
11.6 steals per game
21.9 forced turnovers per game

17.3 turnovers per game
40.7 opp field goal pct

Now look at the stats in Georgia's losses...

62.5 points per game
37.8 field goal pct
30.0 3-pt field goal pct
35.8 rebounds per game
11.3 assists per game
4.5 blocks per game
8.0 steals per game
16.8 forced turnovers per game

20.5 turnovers per game
44.4 field goal pct

So when Florida comes around on the schedule next Saturday, Georgia needs to be on their "A" game.

Georgia has lost to the Gators 5 straight times and only averaging 55.6 points per game in those contests.

The game is in Gainesville, where Georgia hasn't won since 2002 in game where Fred Gibson scored his career-high 13 points.

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