The Perfect Shot

Levi Stukes has shooting lights out this season. He is averaging 13 points a game, but his percentages are unreal. He has a 50.5 field goal pct and is even better beyond the arc (50.8). From the free throw line he is at 91.7. Georgia is going to need shooting like this if they want to end a 3-game slide and upset the defending champs. This week I talked to Levi and facing Florida and a lot more.

Dave McMahon -- Georgia starts their conference play this week, this is big...
Levi Stukes -- We have a great opportunity to show what we can do, especially with a great opponent like Florida. Hopefully we can play well and leave with a win.

DM -- Why does SEC basketball not get the credit it deserves?

LS -- I don't know. I grew up in the north and basketball was big. I guess down south people know more about football.

DM -- Being a senior, what have you told the younger players about what it is like playing conference games?

LS -- You have to fight every night. It is now going to be 2 days of practice and then a big game. You always have to be ready. Your body may ache, but you just have to go out there and do it.

DM -- Tell about this season's Florida team?

LS -- They are the same as last season. They are up-tempo and they play together a lot.

DM -- What has been wrong with the Bulldogs lately?

LS -- Our overall defense. We gave up too many points. We also had way too many turnovers. We've been stressing that a lot in practice.

DM -- You got hurt a little bit in the Clemson game, are you back to your old self?

LS -- I hurt my wrist a little. It is not back to normal, but it is good.


3-pt field goal pct (SEC leaders)

Billy Humphrey (UGA) 51.4
Levi Stukes (UGA) 50.8
Ronald Steele (BAMA) 50.0
Bryce Sheldon (S CAR) 46.9
Chris Lofton (TENN) 46.6
Taurean Green (FLA) 45.7
Tasmin Mitchell (LSU) 45.7

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