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Dave Bliss is back being the starting center of the Bulldogs. He started 58 games over the last 2 seasons, but this season just 4. Due to more big post men on the Dawgs roster, his minutes are way down. He is averaging just 13 minutes a game, but he is gives his all every time out. On Wednesday, Dave had 2 points, 4 boards, and 3 blocks in 12 minutes of action. After the Dawgs win I talked to him.

Dave McMahon -- Feels good starting again...

Dave Bliss -- Doesn't matter, but it is a real confidence boost. I just hope I can help us out and give us a lead before I am taken out.

DM -- You have had a lot of back problems throughout your career... how is your back?

DB -- It is been pretty good. It feels a lot better this year compared to last year.

DM -- What was the deal with all the block shots early in the game tonight?

DB -- It was fun for us getting a few in a row. Blocks are great because it can lead to fast breaks and easy baskets.

DM -- How important was this game for Georgia?

DB -- It is very important although we played pretty decent at times during the losing streak.

DM -- What worked so well against South Carolina?

DB -- Our turnovers were down. We also shot well early that allowed us to set a tone. We were well balanced.

DM -- Normally these 2 teams play close, how much was it a relief that the game was a little easier this time around?

DB -- We have been having some big battles since I have been here. This game was big because it was a win against a SEC East opponent.

DM -- In the last game against Florida, you had to defend Joakim Noah and Al Horford... are they the best all-around big men?

DB -- Noah is probably the best due to his versatility. But there a lot of good big men in the league. Davis in LSU, Hendrix at Bama a lot more.

DM -- How much having a few big guys on the team help you out in practice?

DB -- We have a nice mix of big guys. We have 5 big men that love to compete. Some guys with a lot of experience and some with little... TK has been a big boost to our team especially on the offense.

DM -- You are due to graduate in 3 years, how does one do that?

DB -- When I came here I already had 16 credits. I also have taken classes in the summer, too.


Dave Bliss - season stats

14 games - 4 starts
13.3 minutes per game
4.4 points per game
3.7 rebounds per game
54.4 field goal pct

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