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For the most part this season, Takais Brown has been showing his presence inside. Last season there was definitely a lack of scoring from the post position. Takais has taken care of that. He is currently 2nd on the team in scoring averaging 14.3 points per game. On Wednesday's game against South Carolina, he scored 15 points in just 23 minutes. After the game I talked to the big man.

Dave McMahon -- That first SEC win was big...

Takais Brown -- We just needed a win. Coming off that losing streak, this was big. It is a relief.

DM -- What worked in the South Carolina game that hasn't worked the last few games?

TB -- We played real hard. Our guards shot well and the post players played great defense and as a team we pushed the ball well.

DM -- What do you like better... scoring a basket or rejecting an opponents?

TB -- I liked them both the same although making a block is a lot of fun.

DM -- In your short time in the conference, what have you learned the most about playing in the SEC?

TB -- You have to be physical every time you are out there.

DM -- What do you have to work on the most for the rest of the season?

TB -- I am having the most trouble on my defense outside the perimeter.

DM -- When you look down the Georgia schedule... who are looking forward to playing against?

TB -- Glen Davis

DM -- The player sitting next to you right now is Sundiata Gaines, he is about 8-9-10 inches shorter to you and he is the leading rebounder for Georgia once again... have you ever seen anyone that short get that many rebounds?

TB -- No, he just gets in there all the time and grabs the ball.


Takais Brown - season stats

14.3 points per game (2nd on team)
5.2 rebounds per game (2nd on team)
58.3 field goal pct (5th in SEC entering Wednesday)
0.8 blocks per game
0.6 steals per game

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