Three is the Magic Number

Thursday night, Cori Chambers scored 28 points to help lead Georgia to a 74-61 vs SEC-foe Mississippi State. She also knocked down six 3-pointers which gave her 259 career threes which broke Kedra Holland-Corn's school record. Georgia will need an another effort like that for the next game against Tennessee on Sunday. I got a chance to talk to Cori today and this is what she said.

Dave McMahon -- You have never talked about the record much, but how much did you think about it?

Cori Chambers -- I never worried about the record. I was never shooting for it. It just happened. Obviously I didn't think about it my freshman year or my sophomore year. I didn't think about it my junior year, too. I started thinking about it when someone mentioned it to me this season.

DM -- And yesterday you did it...

CC -- All I was focussed on was that this was a tough road game in the SEC and we had to win it.

DM -- Have you ever challanged any of the guys on Georgia's men's basketball team in a 3-point contest?

CC -- I play horse with them all the time. I mostly win, too. I play against Levi and Billy and last year against Channing. They win sometimes, but I mostly win.

DM -- What is the longest 3-pointer you have hit?

CC -- I don't know, but they say I have NBA range?

DM -- What about WNBA range?

CC -- The distance in the WNBA is the same in college.

DM -- Tell me about the game on Sunday against Tennessee...

CC -- This is a big rivalry with a lot of respect. We respect Tennessee and they respect us. All we know as that we are going to put on a good show.

DM -- Did Tennessee recruit you?

CC -- Not really

DM -- How much does Coach Landers talk about this game?

CC -- He talks about how important this game is. He loves these kinds of games that are competitive. We all do. It makes us better players.


Georgia's women's basketball - career 3-pt field goals

Cori Chambers - 259
Kedra Holland-Corn - 253
Kim Berry - 189
Kelly Miller - 187
Rachel Powell - 174

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