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Billy Humphrey has been very streaky this season. In his first 6 games, Billy was averaging 12.2 points per game. In the last 8 games he has scored over 10 once and that was last week against Florida. He is still one of Georgia's best 3-point threats and will be needed as the Dawgs go through their SEC schedule. As the Vanderbilt game nears I had a chance to talk to him.

Dave McMahon -- That was a must win against South Carolina...

Billy Humphrey -- We had to after those 4 straight losses... those were all tough teams so it was a good preperation on what we are going to go against in the conference.

DM -- Georgia plays Vanderbilt on Saturday, what do you remember about them?

BH -- They have a lot of movement and they all can shoot. They have also won a lot of big games this season. They won't be easy.

DM -- You say they shoot a lot, so does Georgia, should we expect a shootout?

BH -- I don't expect a shootout because that means our defense won't play well.

DM -- Three-point shooting can be streaky... when can you tell if you are hot or not?

BH -- That is hard to say, but sometimes when you hit the first one and the second one it helps you build confidence throughout the whole game.

DM -- How many three-pointers do you practice everyday?

BH -- I don't know. I practice everything everyday.

DM -- Who is the best three-point shooter that you have played against?

BH -- It is either Chris Lofton at Tennessee or Lee Humphrey at Florida.

DM -- Who is favorite 3-point specialist you have seen on TV?

BH -- I was always a Peja Stojakovic fan.


Georgia Bulldogs - Most 3-point field goals made this season

Levi Stukes - 36
Billy Humphrey - 22
Mike Mercer - 15
Terrance Woodbury - 14
Sundiata Gaines - 13
Steve Newman - 12
Takais Brown - 1

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