Who to look for this week

The Georgia men's basketball team is now 10-5 and 2-1 in conference play. This week they travel to Arkansas on Wednesday and Alabama on Saturday. Both teams allow less than 64 points per game. Georgia on the other hand averages over 81 points per game. So who will Georgia turn to when they team needs to score? Here are some averages that may help the Dawgs to decide.

Overall this season, Mike Mercer leads the Dawgs in scoring. His 15.1 points per game average is 8th in the SEC. Five times this season, he has led Georgia in scoring. If you go by season averages, Mike is the way to go.

Overall points per game this season

Mike Mercer - 15.1
Takais Brown - 13.7
Levi Stukes - 12.9
Sundiata Gaines - 8.4
Billy Humphrey - 7.9


If you go by, how these players have done since conference play began, then Levi Stukes is your man. Levi had 23 against Vanderbilt and is averaging 12.7 points per game against the SEC. He is one of 4 Bulldogs averaging over 10 points per game in the conference.

SEC points per game this season

Levi Stukes - 12.7
Billy Humphrey - 10.7
Takais Brown - 10.3
Mike Mercer - 10.0
Sundiata Gaines - 9.7


Both of these games are on the road. If you looking at away game averages, then both Mike Mercer and Levi Stukes are your main men again. Both average 11.5 points per game.

Road points per game this season

Mike Mercer - 11.5
Levi Stukes - 11.5
Takais Brown - 10.3
Terrance Woodbury - 7.5
Billy Humphrey - 7.3


Both teams are playing very well this season. Alabama is ranked 9th in one poll and 10th in the other. Arkansas is receiving other votes. Here is the top Georgia players this season against top 25 teams.

Top 25 points per game this season

Takais Brown - 13.5
Mike Mercer - 12.3
Levi Stukes - 10.3
Sundiata Gaines - 10.0
Steve Newman - 5.5

If you look at the games separately starting with Arkansas then Mike Mercer and Sundiata Gaines do the damage against the Hogs. Remember a lot of the Bulldogs have not faced Arkansas much in their career and some have never faced them.

vs Arkansas points per game in career

Mike Mercer - 10.0
Sundiata Gaines - 10.0
Billy Humphrey - 7.0
Levi Stukes - 6.3
Steve Newman - 5.8

Against the Tide, here how it goes...

vs Alabama points per game in career

Mike Mercer - 13.0
Levi Stukes - 12.7
Terrance Woodbury - 8.0
Dave Bliss - 6.5
Sundiata Gaines - 5.0

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