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TIFTON – Dean Legge's thoughts on Georgia commitment Israel Troupe.

Israel Troupe is probably one of the players most ready to play at Georgia in the class of 2007, and the Bulldogs sure could use him. Matthew Stafford has plenty of young receivers to distribute the ball to, but Troupe certainly has the speed, body and hands to get the job done as a freshman – at least in three-receiver sets – at Georgia.

The competition will be a major hurdle for Troupe and there will, no question, be a learning curve for Troupe when he gets to Georgia. During his senior season at Tift County, Troupe saw all sorts of sets to try to defend against him. In the video below, Troupe is double teamed most of the game. The double comes with a safety, at least one time, directly over the top of the cornerback, which is almost comical to watch considering Troupe's location on the field. But that may have been the only way the Bulldogs felt like they could have defended Troupe. I will give North Gwinnett this: it worked most of the game. But that sort of scheme can't be used in college.

Tift County struggled to get the ball to Troupe much of the night, and at times seemed content to try to run the ball down North Gwinnett throat. It was obvious to me that Troupe has far more speed than a normal high schooler can handle. He showed his athleticism late in this contest by shifting to quarterback after the Blue Devils' signal caller got hurt.

Also, when Tift County needed a play to get going in the second half, they went to Troupe to jump start the offense, and it worked. You can see, also, that Tift County loves to use Troupe on the tunnel screen.

In the end it's not hard to understand why Troupe was heavily recruited. He has quick feet and dependable hands – that's not a bad combination for a receiver. It's not a bad combo for a baseball player, either. That could lead Troupe to decide that baseball is better for his future later this year if he is taken high enough in the Major League Baseball Draft. Those plans, however, seem on the backburner, as those around Troupe say he is happy to be headed to Georgia to play both football and baseball.

NOTE: The video below is NOT a highlight reel. It is footage of the most-sgnifigant downs Troupe played in the AAAAA Quarterfinals. Many of them, like with most receivers, don't involve him catching the ball. They show him getting off the line - at times in press coverage - and making his way into his routes. I think it is a little more realistic way of seeing what a high school player is like.

Israel Troupe vs. North Gwinnett

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