Finding Her Shot

Tasha Humphrey has struggled in her first 4 SEC games this season. She averaged 7.5 points per game and failed to reach double digits in each game. On Thursday she scored 18 as Georgia defeated Vanderbilt 83-71. The All-American was 6-for-10 from the field including 3-for-4 from 3-point range. After the game I talked to Tasha about the win and a lot more.

Dave McMahon Nice for Georgia to be back on their winning ways...

Tasha Humphrey -- It is good especially against a team like Vanderbilt. Vandy started strong and hit a lot of 3's early. Later we were able to shut them down and settle in.

DM -- It was nice that you found your offense again...

TH -- I kept low and I got some open looks.

DM -- You hit 3-pointers, maybe you can play outide and let 3-point specialist Cori Chambers play inside...

TH -- (laughs) That would be fun.

DM -- Your teammate Janese Hardrick is 5'6", does she get the most rebounds for someone her size?

TH -- She works hard. A lot of those are from 3's and they just fall right to her, but sometimes she gets right in the middle of all the players and grabs the ball.

DM -- When you are on the bench, I have noticed you sometimes have the same actions and motions that Coach Landers has... I assume that you want to play in the WNBA, but is coaching something else you might want to do?

TH -- I thought about it, but I am not sure. I have learned a lot and I like to give as much knowledge as I can to my teammates.

DM -- Will you be a mix between Andy Landers and your mother (Georgia assistant coach Brenda Hill)?

TH -- I don't think you can mix those two.


Georgia now leads all-time series against Vanderbilt: 29-17

In games in Athens: Georgia leads 14-5

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