Georgia Quarterbacks vs. Clemson defense

Legge breaks down the Bulldog offense vs the Tiger defense. Will Lovett slow down the Dawgs?

David Greene is the returning SEC Freshman of the year, and what thanks does he get for an outstanding freshman campaign? Stiff competition in spring and preseason practice from redshirt freshman DJ Shockley.

While Greene beat out Shockley for the starting position, Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt made it clear that both Greene and Shockley will see the field.

"Offensively, we've got David Greene, without a question is our starting quarterback. He did a fantastic job as a freshman. D.J. Shockley is a guy who has proved to me and the staff that he's a very talented guy, a guy who has a chance do great things for us. We'll play D.J. early in every ballgame, how well he does will decide how much more playing time he'll get."

On the other side of the ball, Clemson returns eight of its starters and brought on former Auburn defensive coordinator John Lovett to help them stiffen up their defense.

Lovett helped Auburn slow the Georgia offense down for the last couple of seasons. But will Clemson be able to deal with the overall talent at Georgia while trying to grasp a defensive coordinator's schemes?

No matter if Clemson grasps its own defense or not, Richt is confident that he has something special with his two young quarterbacks.

"Greene and Shockley good passers, decision makers, good students. The fact that they like each other and respect each other is really gonna help us."

The fact that Georgia has such a deep and talented group of receivers coupled with the fact that the Tigers will have to prepare for two quarterbacks and all the while having to learn a new system, makes me think that the Tigers' defense will struggle.

Advantage: GEORGIA

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