Clemson Quarterbacks vs. Georgia Defense

Legge breaks down the Clemson Quarterbacks vs. Georgia Defense

Willie Simmons is an electrifying, perhaps often underrated quarterback. Simmons got much of his playing experience in mop up roles during the last few seasons. However, against North Carolina in 2000, Simmons lead Clemson back from what was a pitiful performance to help give the Tigers a comeback win in Chapel Hill. If only he could have done the same for the Tigers in 2001.

Simmons, while not the returning starter at his position, has plenty of help on the outside with his receivers. With Derrick Hamilton, JJ McKelvey, and Jackie Robinson returning for the Clemson offense, the fireworks should be just as explosive for the Tigers in 2002.

The only problem for Clemson is that Bowden often allows the Tigers to become a one-dimensional team. This is something that a defensive coordinator salivates over.

Georgia Defensive Coordinator Brian Van Gorder leads the Georgia defense for the 2nd season in 2002. Last season Van Gorder's defense was especially punishing on opponent's running game. However, Van Gorder's defense allowed over 350 total yards 5 times in a row; spanning from the Tennessee game to the Auburn game last year.

So there is an opportunity for the Tigers to take advantage the Georgia defense's inconsistent play. However Clemson, namely Simmons, will have to be very steady through the game. Because of the young and inexperience offensive Tiger line, he wont be able to do that.

Even with all of the "faults" of the Georgia secondary, I maintain:

Advantage: GEORGIA

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