Getting Back in the Swing of Things

The 24th ranked Georgia women's tennis team took charge on Friday as they won every double and singles match on the 1st day of the Georgia Invitational. One girl that had an easy time was Georgia senior Darya Ivanov. Unranked this fall, she dominated play all season and now finds herself ranked #20. Today she won her singles match 6-1, 6-0. After the match I talked to her about her match and more.

Dave McMahon -- Feels good to be playing again...

Darya Ivanov -- It is wonderful. I couldn't wait for the season to start... There is so much excitement especially the way the team is playing.

DM -- What went well for you today?

DI -- In singles I tried to stick to my basics. It took me a little while to get used to my opponent. I actually lost the first game before winning the next 12.

DM -- Anything not work?

DI -- My serve could have worked better.

DM -- Does the move up in rankings motivate you even more?

DI -- I was so surprised about the rankings. In the fall I beat the number 17 and 24 girls, both were from Vanderbilt, so I thought I would move up. I had no idea it would be that much. It has given my confidence, but now I have to defend my spot and hopefully do even better.

DM -- Did you watch of your other Georgia teammates today?

DI -- I watched Yvette Hyndman a little. She is my doubles partner. When I sat in between games, I glanced at the other matches. But during my match you have to have tunnel vision. It is easy to lose focus especially in indoors because of the noise, but you have to focus.

DM -- Out of the 8 girls on the team, 5 of them are new... being a senior do you take responsibility of being a leader?

DI -- It doesn't feel like I am a senior, but I am. Me and Natalie (Frazier) have done some. We can be better. On the court we have been showing the girls the ropes. Off the court it is harder since I have higher level classes, but we try to get together a lot. We eat together sometimes and do other social things.

DM -- When you played in juniors you played in the Australian Open... have you being watching the Open on TV this week?

DI -- I watched Federer yesterday. I didn't stay up to see Safin though. I did watch a little of the Sharapova match and a little of the Serena one, too.

Competition resumes Saturday with Georgia players in round robin doubles action at 9 am followed by singles at 11:45 am.

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