Greenlee's visit clears up questions

ATHENS – Georgia's best committed offensive lineman took an unofficial visit to Athens.

Antwane Greenlee may be the biggest mystery of all the players committed to Georgia at this time. Earlier this year he committed to Florida State and then backed off that commitment. He eventually picked the Bulldogs.

Its well know that he and Notre Dame commit Chris Little are good friends, so there was some doom and gloom around the Bulldog Internet world when Greenlee visited Tallahassee earlier this month. Compounding matters for the conspiracy theorists was that Greenlee was very interested in playing for departed offensive line coach Neil Callaway.

"I wanted to play for coach Callaway," Greenlee admitted in December. "But I think it's going to be okay. Everybody will be equal because he's going to have to learn everybody and learn the system as well. I think it's a plus for me. I'm going in there equal with everybody else."

Callaway may have left, and Greenlee may have visited Florida State, but, since committing to Georgia, Greenlee has never wavered publicly. He was reconsidering, he said, but he never let that known to anyone outside his inner circle.

"The coaching change threw me off," Greenlee said. "It was confusing to me, but I wanted to see what Coach Richt was going to do with their offensive line coach."

Since that time Georgia has hired Stacy Searels. Greenlee met Searels earlier this week during his in-home visit with the Georgia staff.

"He came down on MLK with Coach Richt," Greenlee said of the in-home meeting.

Greenlee said he wanted to visit Athens unofficially because he wanted to get to know Searles better.

"I just wanted to talk with Coach Searles," he said. "I wanted to find out his thought on some of the players we have already."

While Greenlee's visit to Athens was unofficial – his official visit was in early December – he was able to nail down a few more things he was wondering about concerning playing at Georgia. Still, he will see Florida State one last time before Signing Day.

"Coach Bowden is coming to my house on February 2nd," Greenlee confirmed. "Coach Bowden is a living legend. He remembers everything."

Bowden will have to convince Greenlee to pull a switch-a-roo, as the Columbus native sys he is still headed to Georgia.

"No question," he said. "That's where I am signing."

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