Oh Canada

Last year, Monika Dancevic played tennis for the University of Miami and recorded a 25-11 overall record. Now she plays for the Bulldogs and on Sunday, she reached the finals of the Georgia Invitational. She ended up playing her teammate Darya Ivanov and notched an upset as she defeated the #20 ranked player 6-3,6-3. I recently caught up with her and I asked her about the match and more.

Dave McMahon -- Reaching the finals was pretty impressive, but how much fun is it playing against a teammate?

Monika Dancevic -- I didn't really have a choice, but we were both playing very well... It was like a practice, but we both really wanted to win.

DM -- After playing a year for Miami, why did you transfer to Georgia?

MD -- Georgia was my second choice originally, but I didn't get a chance to visit. Things were not going as planned in Miami so I decided to transfer. When I did visit, I loved Georgia and I loved Coach Jeff Wallace and Jeff (Coach Polito).

DM -- What does it say for a program like Georgia that all of the finals were Georgia players going against Georgia players?

MD -- This is a good team and we came out really strong.

DM -- What worked well for you?

MD -- I was a little tight in the beginning, but then I relaxed. I thought I was serving well and I made her make some errors.

DM -- What do you need to improve on the most?

MD -- My volleys. I feel my comfortable coming in although I didn't do it as much in this last match.

DM -- You are from Canada, who is the best tennis player from Canada?

MD -- My brother Frank. He just lost in the 2nd round of the Australian Open to Lleyton Hewitt.

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