Highs and Lows

The Georgia men's basketball game had a crazy week. At Arkansas, Steve Newman's 3-pointer at the buzzer gave the Bulldogs a big win, but a few days later, Ronald Steele's bucket at the buzzer gave Alabama the win. This week Georgia continues down the crazy road which is the SEC and hosts games against Kentucky and LSU. Today I had a chance to talk to Steve Newman about the big upcoming games.

Dave McMahon -- Is what happened on Saturday something you have to remember and use it as motivation or something you must forget right away?

Steve Newman -- It is good to learn from mistakes, but we have to move on... We have two big games coming up this week.

DM -- Have you ever seen anything like what has happened over the last 2 games?

SN -- I couldn't remember the last time that has happened and now it has happened 2 games in a row.

DM -- The next game is Kentucky... Florida won it all last season, LSU, Tennessee are still playing strong, but is Kentucky still the team that people think of when they say 'SEC basketball?'

SN -- Throughout the country they probably are. They have the strongest tradition in the conference, but we got to treat them like everyone else.

DM -- Last year the 2 games were close against them...

SN -- They were. We just have to play 2 strong halves against them and we will be in the game.

DM -- They like shooting the '3' as much as y'all?

SN -- Hopefully our guards can get hot which will also open up our inside game.

DM -- It is about the halfway point in the SEC season, what is about this conference in this season that is different?

SN -- This is probably the most competitive this conference has been since I've been here.

DM -- Obviously winning, but what are some of the other goals you have for the rest of the season?

SN -- I want to make the NCAA Tournament, we haven't done that since I have been here.

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